Top: Carl, Ken, Bob, Howie, Art                                              Top: Howie, Carl, Ken, Art, Bob
             Bottom: Eugene, Charles, Eddie, Joey, Rose, Frank         Bottom: Frank, Joe, Eugene, Eddie

             Note: Picture On Mantle Between Carl & Ken is
             Emma Fixx Gaulocher, Rose's Mother

The Leittens had ten children, all boys:

Carl F.               08/09/1908 - 12/30/1990
Kenneth B.      10/16/1910 - 08/29/1994
Arthur H.         10/23/1912 - 04/11/1983
Howard D.       05/31/1915 - 07/19/1983
Robert G.         07/30/1917 - 09/28/2008
Edward N.        04/26/1919
Harry J.            10/01/1920 - 10/14/1921
Joseph W.       10/09/1922 - 10/15/2008
Franklyn           01/24/1924 - 10/08/1982
Eugene F.         07/15/1927

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